ERA Solaris – One of the Best Tourbillon Watches?

Not long ago I reviewed the ERA Prometheus and now it’s time to check out the ERA Solaris which is another Tourbillon watch produced by ERA Timepieces.

And according to ERA Timepieces, the quality is directly comparable to its Swiss high-end counterparts traded at astronomical prices.

Considering the price is only $999, that’s quite a statement, so let’s see if the claim holds up.

ERA Timepieces

ERA Timepieces is a young company moving fast forward.

From the very beginning, the ultimate goal has been to produce top-notch timepieces accessible to virtually everyone, all supported by a fresh out-of-the-box business strategy.

Since its establishment in 2018 a lot of cooking has been going on behind the scenes and in the short period of time the company has been around they have already managed to present 4 different models – ERA Prometheus, ERA Poseidon, ERA Hyperion and finally ERA Solaris, which is the watch I want to take a closer look at this time.

ERA Timepieces have far fewer financial resources at hand compared to the big watch companies in Geneva, but although things are happening fast, you still get the feeling that there is complete control over the development.

For example, the company recently produced an updated version of ERA Prometheus in a monochromatic edition and with a brand new ERA-004 Caliber movement, just a year and a half after it was launched.

How Can ERA Timepieces Sell so Cheaply?

The big Swiss watch companies traditionally spend huge sums of money on sponsorship deals with famous people, including well-known Hollywood actors and the international sports elite, and it artificially inflates prices to astronomical heights.

It is this part ERA Timepieces has cut away from the budget.

In addition, the company uses fundraising as a key element to raise the capital necessary to develop and manufacture their timepieces.

A brilliant idea as even a generous donation will earn itself home many times compared to the price of the watch.

The combination is powerful and means that the sales price is 10-20 times below the prices typically seen on Tourbillon wristwatches.

The Quality

The basic philosophy behind the company is to produce high-quality watches that are comparable to high-end Swiss Made watches, but at prices well below the well-known brands.

And this is an admirable mission, but how can potential customers be assured of the quality?

ERA Timepieces acknowledges that it takes the most capable elite watchmakers to assemble a Tourbillon watch and they claim to have allied themselves with the same watchmakers used by well-known watch companies.

This is a rather interesting piece of information as it reveals a great deal about the high quality of ERA Timepiece’s products, a criterion that is of the utmost importance when trying to compare ERA Timepieces’ watches with the more expensive watch brands.

ERA Solaris

The ERA Solaris is a socalled Tourbillon watch, a complication typically associated with sky-high prices.

If you’re not familiar with the principle behind the Tourbillon complication, you can read about it in my review of the ERA Prometheus.

The Tourbillon mechanism itself is exposed at the 6 o’clock mark for full view.

The diameter of only 40 mm and the minimalist design makes this watch the perfect unisex watch, and the beautifully hand-painted dial inspired of solar flares makes it unique and personal.

The heart of the Solaris is the automatic in-house movement ERA-003 Caliber and everything is covered by a sapphire crystal and encased in either 316L stainless steel or 18 ct. rose gold by your choice.

Along with a number of color themes to choose from you can further personalize your watch.



VERSIONS: Surgical Grade Polished 316L Stainless Stee OR Premium 18K Rose Gold-Plated Finish Over 316L Stainless Steel.

THICKNESS: 13.5 mm.

WEIGHT: 82 grams with alligator strap.

DIAMETER: 40 mm.

WINDING CROW: Sunburst Crown.

CRYSTAL: Ultra Scratch-resistant DOMED Sapphire Glass With Anti-Reflective Coating.

WATER RESISTANCE: 5 ATM / 50 meters.


MOVEMENT: Automatic In-House Tourbillon Movement.

CALIBRE: In-House ERA-003.

FUNCTIONS: Surgical Leaf Hands, ERA Custom-Made Solar Flare Gradient Dial, Sausage Minute Marker Indices At 9, 12, and 3 o’clock, Ultra Premium Sapphire Glass With Anti-Reflective Coating.

FREQUENCY: 28,800 vph.


POWER RESERVE: 55 hours.


STRAP: Alligator Style 100% Leather Straps With Quick Release Bars.


STRAP MATERIAL: Premium 100% Leather.

CLASP: ERA Buckle Clasp.


WATCH BOX: Custom Crafted Wooden Box.

WARRANTY: 2 Year International Warranty. Anodized Jet Black Steel Warranty Card & Certificate of Authenticity, Laser cut and laser etched.


I would have no qualms about buying the ERA Solaris, because it is crystal clear to me that ERA Timepieces do not want to compromise on quality.

So quality-wise I feel quite confident about this watch.

Although they promote the ERA Solaris as a unisex watch I evaluate it to be on the slightly feminine side in terms of design and general appearance and for that reason (and that reason alone), I wouldn’t consider buying one for myself.

However, on a woman’s wrist it’s a really beautiful piece.

In terms of quality including materials and the craft that went into assembling the ERA Solaris, I have no worries whatsoever.

In the relatively short time ERA Timepieces have been around, a great deal of trust from their customers has already been built.

This can be seen especially on the reviews from satisfied customers you can read on the social media.

In addition, the company has been able to create transparency regarding their business strategy.

They are easy to contact and they offer regular service checks of your timepiece at a reasonable price (something you should not neglect by the way).

It all contributes to trust and reliability.

But at the end of the day, only time will tell whether ERA Timepieces’ customers will continuously be happy with their purchase.

I think they will.

Image credit: ERA Timepieces.

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