Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 or Tissot Gentleman?

Tissot is hot right now with two great looking wristwatches for gentlemen.

A casual glance could easily leave you with the impression that they are identical, but far from.

For one thing, the prices of these two models are very different, $775 retail price for the Powermatic 80 and $375 for the Tissot Gentleman.

So what separates the two models and what do you get for those extra bucks?

Let’s find out.

The Watches

The two models we will be studying this time are:

Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicon (T127.407.11.041.00)


Tissot Gentleman (T127.410.11.041.00)

Both watches belong to the T-Classic Collection and as the name suggests, this line is centered on the analog, simple and elegant design.

If you want a flashy wristwatch with lots of features, then it is not in this collection you will find it.

These two Tissot models can show the time and date, and that’s all.

Instead the emphasis is on the classic, simple, yet stylish look with a sense of beautifying the minor details.

And in my opinion, this is one of Tissot’s specialties and what the company is doing best.

Visual Differences

Under the hood these two watches are completely different from one another.

The most important difference is that the Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 is a self-winding, mechanical watch and the Tissot Gentleman is a quartz watch.

As the Powermatic 80 is an automatic, it comes with a transparent caseback allowing for full view of the rotor and the internal parts of the movement in action.

On the front we notice 4 minor differences:

1. Hour Markers.

The hour markers are almost identical, but if you look carefully you can see that they tend to flatten out a bit more on the Powermatic making them look wider.

2. Minute Markers.

The minute markers are basically the same on both watches, but the minutes has been divided into triplets of 20 seconds on the Powermatic for a more circular feel.

3. Date Window.

This is a more conspicuous difference and the inserted window frame on the Powermatic 80 certainly makes an impression and delivers a more profound aesthetic pleasure to the eye compared to the simplified date window on the Tissot Gentleman.

4. Crown.

No particularly noteworthy difference here except the crown on the Powermatic is slightly flatter and wider while the crown on the Tissot Gentleman is a bit thicker.

There are other minor details separating the two models including the imprinted text “Powermatic 80 Silicium” which is obviously not found on the Tissot Gentleman model.

Also, as seen in the photo to the right showing the models from the side, the cases are quite different due to the fact that the Powermatic 80 is a mechanical watch and thus requires more physical space for the movement parts.

A thorough comparison of the two models reveal further details, as you can see from the specification table below.

(Please note that everything in red indicates a difference):

Did You Know?

Tissot merged with Omega in 1930 and Tissot-Omega watches from this era are sought after by collectors.

Specs Comparison

ModelTissot Gentleman Powermatic 80Tissot Gentleman
WR100 m100 m
OriginSwiss MadeSwiss Made
Weight164 g142 g
Case ShapeRoundRound
Case OptionsSee-through CasebackNone
Case Material316L Stainless Steel316L Stainless Steel
CrystalDomed Scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal With Antireflective CoatingDomed Scratch-resistant Sapphire
MovementSwiss AutomaticSwiss Quartz
Caliber Diameter25.625.6
ModelC07.811ETA F06.115
Power ReserveUp to 80 Hours-
Caliber11 ½’’’11 ½’’’
Battery-Renata 371
Dial ColorBlueBlue
Strap Ref.T605044607T605044596
BuckleButterfly Clasp With Push-buttonsButterfly Clasp With Push-buttons
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Links Ref.T6130044701T613044649


Tissot is one of those Swiss watch companies that some people consider to be a luxury brand, but the fact is that Tissot mass produces watches (about 3.5 million per year) and the price of a Tissot watch is typically below or about a thousand dollars, with some exceptions.

Of course, this means that Tissot watches in general are not handmade which is one of the hallmarks of luxury watches.

So labeling a Tissot watch as a ‘luxury watch’ is probably going a little too far.

That being said, my personal knowledge and experience with Tissot is positive throughout.

Tissot watches may be low budget watches, but they look great and are made with care and in a quality as one would expect from any genuine Swiss Made watch.

The two Tissot Gentleman models are no exception.

The main question to consider will have to be whether you prefer the mechanical version or the quartz version, and the answer depends entirely on personal taste and values.

The quartz version is more accurate and less than half the price of the mechanical version that conversely may be a much more exciting watch for those who appreciate watchmaking as an art form.

Either way, if you would like to own a classic, analog Swiss Made wristwatch, but only have a limited budget available, the Tissot Gentleman may very well be your best option.

Find “Tissot Gentleman” on Amazon

Image credit: Tissot.

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