13 Best Danish Watch Brands – Part 2 of 2

Please note that this article is the second and final part of “The 13 Best Danish Watch Brands”, so if you have not yet read the first part, go to the article here.

The List (continued)

8. Vejrhøj.

Vejrhøj was founded in 2013 by Janus Aarup and is a slightly special company, not least in terms of name, because the name includes the special letter “ø”, which is a unique character that only appears in the Danish and Norwegian alphabets.

It is interesting that the company has chosen to include an “ø” in the company name, because this is something Danish companies usually refrain from to avoid unnecessary problems when promoting in English-speaking countries.

On the other hand, it is a way of signaling that you want to be special and Vejrhøj certainly is special, first and foremost because the company uses a combination of hardwood and 316L steel to make watch cases.

Normally, wood is one of the worst materials to make watches from, but Vejrhøj promises a 2-year warranty on all models and that speaks for a certain robustness.

Whether a Vejrhøj watch can last in the long run, only time will tell, but the watches are at least unique, beautiful and very Nordic in style.

The prices are reasonable and the customers are extremely satisfied, so Vejrhøj is clearly one of the brands you should explore further if you are looking for a Danish-produced dress watch.

Price Range: $170 – $390

More Info: www.vejrhoj.com

9. Copenhagen Watches.

Copenhagen Watches was founded in 2013 by the Danish jewelry designer Mai Johansson, who started her company designing bracelets.

Both the name “Copenhagen Watches” and the distinctive design, which is especially characterized by having a large cross across the dial, signals that this is a Danish company.

The models that do not have a cross across the dial typically have a small, monochrome Danish flag in the 12 o’clock position.

It could also be Swedish, or of other Nordic origin, because the special design is done in various color combinations.

It’s hard to have a clear opinion about Copenhagen Watches, because the style is in my opinion, a bit messy and a bit too anonymous and it’s just not a watch you see and then burst into a spontaneous “WOW!”.

These are not ugly watches and they are not super beautiful either, they land in the middle and thus disappear in the crowd.

The fact that the company has not even set up a dedicated website certainly doesn’t help sustaining my interest either.

If I was to choose a model from Copenhagen Watches, it would be Copenhagen Watches – Rope (as shown in the picture) or Copenhagen Watches – Sea / Ocean.

Both of these models are waterproof to 50 m.

Price Range: $160 – $270

More Info: en.authentic.dk

10. About Vintage.

It’s a completely different story with About Vintage, which seems like a very solid and sensible alternative if you want to own a Danish designed watch in high quality.

The company was founded by two Danish childhood friends on a beach in Mexico as a result of a common passion for watches and an entrepreneur’s itch to create.

The watches are generally super cool to look at and it is easy to see that the designers are extremely enthusiastic about their products.

Several of the models are inspired by Junghans – though not the 1926 Series, which is mostly inclined towards a design reminiscent of the Rolex Submariner – but the company has nevertheless managed to retain a certain degree of originality.

The website is user-friendly and the presentation is very professional. Nothing is left to chance at About Vintage.

All models watch cases are made of 316L Stainless Steel and the face is protected by a domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflecting coating.

And then all models are waterproof to at least 50 m.

Great wristwatches!

Price Range: $240 – $4,750

More Info: www.aboutvintage.com

Arne Emil Jacobsen, who has given his name to Arne Jacobsen Watches, was born in 1902 and was a Danish architect and designer who helped introduce Modernism in Denmark.

He has an international reputation and is one of Denmark’s most famous designers.

He is known for his chairs in particular.

In 1971 Arne designed the wall clock “Bankers Clock” for Danmarks Nationalbank and this unique design lives on to this day and can be acquired as a wristwatch (see picture above) or a wall clock.

In general, ‘minimalist’ and ‘retro’ seem to be proper terms to describe the style of Arne Jacobsen Watches and they are certainly nice watches to look at, but unless you are a huge fan of Arne Jacobsen, I would not go for a wristwatch from this brand, simply because there are better alternatives such as “About Vintage”.

Arne Jacobsen Watches also produces wall clocks and they are both elegant and stylish, and are very suitable for rooms with modern decor, so if you are looking for a unique wall clock in modern style, then it is possible you will find wall clocks from Arne Jacobsen Watches attractive.

Price Range: $310 – $460

Find Arne Jacobsen Watches on Amazon

12. PICTO.

PICTO was founded in 1984 by two gentlemen, Steen and Erling, who set out to create a watch that, of course, should first and foremost be able to tell the time, but in an ‘unstressed’ way.

And the two gentlemen have actually succeeded very well, because a PICTO watch is probably the most minimalist and simple design for a dial we have seen so far.

A dot and a line on a monochrome background is what you get with a PICTO watch – it just doesn’t get simpler than that!

All models are basically designed the same way, but are available in many different color combinations and it is possible to choose a strap in leather or silicone, or you can choose a model with a mesh band.

All models are water resistant to 50 m.

Price Range: $140 – $200

Find PICTO Watches on Amazon

13. WoodMe.

WoodMe is the last Danish watch brand on our list this time.

The company was founded by the Danish entrepreneur, Kim Mathiasen, based in Kolding, Denmark.

Through his upbringing in a carpentry workshop in West Jutland, Kim Mathiasen has developed a deep passion for wood as a material, and thus it is no wonder that wood is one of the main materials in WoodMe watches.

The types of wood used include sandalwood, acacia, walnut and zebra.

The watches are actually incredibly beautiful, but the problem with wristwatches made of wood is that the durability is limited. In addition, the watches are only waterproof to 30 m.

On the other hand, one can say that if you are set on buying a disposal watch, then a WoodMe watch is at least eye-catching and definitely a watch that should probably attract attention anywhere.

Price Range: $200 – $315

Find WoodMe Watches on Amazon

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