What Is a Milanese Watch Strap?

Strap, band, bracelet, dear child has many names, but all these terms refer to the bracelet that straps a wristwatch onto the wrist for convenient mobility.

There are many different types of watch straps. They can be made of widely different materials including leather, plastic, silicone rubber, cloth, or metal, and even the closures can be very different depending on the type of strap.

This time we will try to answer the question: What Is a Milanese Watch Strap?

What Is a Milanese Watch Strap?

Milanese watch straps are usually made of stainless steel and the word ‘Milanese’ is a reference to the Italian city of Milan.

This unique design consists of small metal rings linked together in a pattern that resembles woven fabric. Because the links are so small, the flexibility and comfortability of this type of strap is very good.

Milanese watch straps are also known as mesh bracelets.

The Origin of Milanese Watch Straps

Milanese watch straps are named after the Italian city of Milan and are inspired of the chain mail worn under the armour of soldiers from historic times.

It is claimed that the manufacture of chain mails was an exclusive preserve of the Milanese goldsmiths from the 13th to the 19th centuries which would explain the association with the word ‘Milanese’.

However, we have to go further back in history to find the first evidence of chain mails.

A statue from the 1st century BC depicts a Romanized Gaulish warrior wearing a chain mail and a celtic torc around his neck, wielding a celtic style shield.

According to Wikipedia “the earliest examples of surviving mail were found in the Carpathian Basin at a burial in Horný Jatov, Slovakia dated at 3rd century BC, and in a chieftain’s burial located in Ciumeşti, Romania”.

The invention of the chain mail is usually credited to the Celts.

Producers Manufacturing Models With Milanese Watch Straps

1. Junghans / max bill MEGA Solar.

Of high-profile companies that produce watches with Milanese watch straps, we find among other German Junghans.

Junghans is especially known for its aesthetic, minimalistic Bauhaus design, not least thanks to the artist Max Bill who, with his special scientific approach, made his unique mark on many Junghans models from 1961 until his death.

An example of their fine cooperation is the max bill MEGA Solar collection.

Although the watches appear remarkably simple, there is no doubt that these beauties represent German engineering at its finest.

Despite the classic, analog look, these watches are both solar powered and radio controlled. The time can also be set from a smartphone.

The watch case and the Milanese watch strap are made of titanium.


2. Citizen / Connected

Citizen is another company combining the classic mesh bracelet with hyper-modern wristwatch technology.

The shown model (CX0000-71A) is called Citizen Connected and has not been released yet as of May 2020, but we decided to include it here because of its beautiful Milanese watch strap.

Although this model may not immediately give you the feel of a smartwatch, it actually shares a lot of features with a smartwatch due to the Bluetooth connectivity, including email notification and taking remote photos, just to mention a few.

Other features: Dual time zone, activity progress tracker, track steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, personal goals, calendar event notification, control music and more.

Both case and bracelet are made of stainless steel.


Image credit: Citizen, Junghans.

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