Who Makes the Best Wall Clocks?

A wall clock is a very practical thing in the home.

If one’s smart watch is set for charging or one doesn’t have the mobile phone at hand, then it’s nice to be able to just take a look at the wall and quickly find out what time it is.

I am a family dad to 1st grade twin boys and our mornings are pretty busy.

In the middle of the process of making breakfast, prepare lunch boxes and packing school bags, it’s a necessity to stay informed about time in a quick and convenient way, so our wall clock in the kitchen is almost indispensable.

But what qualities should you consider before buying a wall clock? And who are the best wall clock manufacturers on the market today?

That’s the main questions in this article.

I will also present 6 selected wall clocks based on own experience and general user satisfaction.

10 Questions to Consider Before Buying a Wall Clock

1. Is It Radio Controlled?

When I’m in the market to find a good wall clock myself, I always look for radio controlled first simply because radio controlled clocks are just tremendously convenient.

Radio controlled clocks (aka atomic clocks) are clocks that are able to fine-tune themselves daily to make sure it’s always accurate to the second.

This feature is practical for several reasons:

  • Reliability. The clock always shows the correct time.
  • You never have to set the clock.
  • Summer Time (DST) is adjusted automatically.

Often a family has several wall clocks in the house (we have for example 5) and it is really nice not to have to wonder if they are correct.

If one of them are not showing the correct time, you know it immediately, because the others most likely are in perfect sync with each other.

(You can read about radio controlled wristwatches here. It is exactly the same technology used for radio controlled wall clocks)

2. Does It Have a Second Hand?

The wall clock in my study has a second hand because all my projects are running on a very tight schedule, whereas the clock in our kitchen does not.

In general, I think the second hand is superfluous, but it can be advantageous if the clock has a second hand as you can quickly determine if the clock is still running or not.

In some wall clocks, the second hand will move every 2 seconds as the battery is running out of power.

3. If Analog, Does It Have Numbers at All Hour Markings?

Personally I prefer analog wall clocks with numbers at all hour markings as this facilitates reading of the clock, even at a distance.

4. Does It Have a Calendar?

Some models can show the date, month and day of the week, and this may be helpful to some.

5. Does It Have a Weather Station?

Some models have built-in thermometer, barometer, hygrometer and/or other measuring instruments and can be expanded with outdoor sensors to measure outside.

6. Digital or Analog?

I prefer analog wall clocks myself, but of course that’s a matter of taste.

I like that you can read the time easily even remotely, which can be difficult if the clock has LCD display, depending on how big it is.

However, if the wall clock is of the LED type it can be read relatively easily at longer distances, even if it’s small.

7. Which Style?

Traditional, retro, modern?

What is the style of the surroundings in the room?

Should the clock match with the rest of the interior of the room?

8. Which Room?

…bringing us in a flash to this question:

In which room do you intend to hang the clock?

9. Which Size?

Large, medium, small?

Size matters, or so they say… In this context it certainly matters because the larger the clock, the easier the reading, even from a distance.

10. Which Brand?

There are countless wall clocks on the market at all kinds of prices because many of them are cheaply produced in China.

Usually the quality is related to the price, but there are actually very good wall clocks out there at affordable prices.

Which Manufacturers Are the Best?

Generally, it is the well-known brands that produce the best quality, but there are exceptions as well.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of wall clocks today include:

  • AcuRite
  • Ashton
  • Generic
  • Hense
  • hito
  • La Crosse Technology
  • Marathon
  • Plumeet
  • Seiko
  • Sharp

6 Great Wall Clocks

The wall clocks I have enlisted beneath include some of the best wall clocks on the market today.

The selection is based on several factors including User Satisfaction, Popularity, Brand, Style, Quality-Price-Ratio and Personal Experience.

They are listed in random order.

Check them out!

Number one on the list is this modern 10 inch, Non-Ticking, aluminum-framed wall clock by hito.

The analog dial is Covered With Glass and has Big Numbers at All Hour-Markings for easy readability.

The second hand moves smoothly around the dial meaning it is Very Quiet – a great advantage if the surroundings demand silence.

The timeless design makes this clock suitable for basically any room.

Amazon Rating: 4.4 / 5 (630)

Price: Seen at $21.98.
Battery: 1 x AA.
Buy on Amazon

  • Easy readability.
  • Silent.
  • High QPR.
  • Not radio controlled.

If you are in search for a more traditional looking wall clock, this schoolhouse style pendulum wall clock may be just for you.

The clock is 18 x 11.25 inch, has a white dial with easy-to-see Numerals at All Hour-Markings and the case is made of Real Wood.

Unlike antique mechanical pendulum clocks, this model is Quartz Regulated meaning that it’s both very Quiet and very Accurate.

Although the style is antique, this clock fits even in modern homes and the customers simply love it.

Amazon Rating: 4.8 / 5 (237)

Price: Seen at $78.88.
Battery: 2 x AA.
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  • Quartz regulated.
  • Easy readability.
  • Quiet.
  • Accurate.
  • Made of real wood.
  • Not radio controlled.

The next wall clock on our list is made by Marathon and is the LCD type with many features and display modes.

It’s Radio Controlled (works only in North America), comes in Black, Mirrored (see photo) or White and can show the time in 12 or 24 Hour Format.

It’s capable of measuring the Indoor Temperature, Indoor Humidity and shows the Day, Month and Date.

As if that wasn’t enough already the clock also has 8 Time Zones (PST, MST, CST, EST, AST, NST, HST & AKST) and can be set to Multiple Languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The clock is 6 inch (15 cm) x 8.5 inch (22 cm).

Amazon Rating: 4.5 / 5 (436)

Price: Seen at $34.95.
Battery: 2 x AA.
Buy on Amazon

  • Radio Controlled.
  • Many Features.
  • Many Display Modes.
  • 7 Languages.
  • Batteries included.
  • The Radio Control feature only works in North America.

The next wall clock on the list is a beautiful Pendulum Wall Clock made by Seiko, who is world renowned for their watchmaking skills and excellent product quality.

The clock is made in Genuine Mahogany and has a Metal Pendulum.

As the clock is Battery Operated and Quartz Regulated, not only is it Precise, but it’s also very Quiet as the pendulum does not make that “tic-toc” sound usually connected with antique mechanical pendulum clocks.

For an authentic experience it has Dual Chimes, Quarter Hour Chime, Hourly Strikes follow the hourly chime, Automatic Chime Silencer and Volume Control.

A popular clock and an excellent choice if you are in search of a beautiful, traditional looking wall clock with an antique touch.

The clock measures 27 x 11.75 x 5.25 inch.

Amazon Rating: 4.4 / 5 (92)

Price: Seen at $259.95.
Battery: 1 x C.
Buy on Amazon

  • High quality manufactured by Seiko.
  • Made in genuine mahogany.
  • The metal pendulum is very quiet.
  • Volume control to adjust the chime function.
  • Battery included.
  • Not radio controlled.
  • Expensive.

Here’s another candidate that made it to our list, an oversized 14.2 inch LED Wall Clock manufactured by hito.

Because of the large display the clock provides a number of useful informations including Time, Month, Date, Day and Indoor Temperature.

3 Brightness Options gives you the option to make the light soft enough for bedroom.

The clock is Mains Powered only and in case of power failure, the Memory Function keeps your settings intact.

Amazon Rating: 4.3 / 5 (182)

Price: Seen at $56.78.
Battery: AC powered.
Buy on Amazon

  • Easy readability.
  • Easy setup.
  • Informative display.
  • Brightness can be adjusted.
  • Blue, green and red version available.
  • Adapter included.
  • Not radio controlled.
  • AC powered only.

The final clock on the list is a Radio Controlled analog wall clock made by Sharp.

This Atomic Clock will always be accurate to within one second as it receives daily WWVB updates.

The Suspended Glass Face gives a “floating” effect and adds style and elegance to any decor.

Amazon Rating: 4.3 / 5 (17)

Price: Seen at $34.99.
Battery: 1 x AA.
Buy on Amazon

  • Radio controlled.
  • Easy to read.
  • Stylish and elegant.
  • The Radio Control feature only works in North America.

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