Apple Watch – What Is Digital Touch?

Everybody is texting everybody nowadays and since the early beginning of the smartphone era, texting has been a favorite way of communication in addition to phone calls.

Digital Touch is a way of sending a special message on Apple Watch and we will look into how to do exactly that this time.

Apple Watch – What Is Digital Touch?

Digital Touch is a way of sending special replies or messages.

To send a message using Digital Touch, do the following:

  1. Press the Digital Crown.
  2. Find the Messages app and tap it.
  3. Force Touch the screen.

Now you will see this screen:

Tap the screen again and choose “Create Message”.

Now you have 4 options:

  • Dictation
  • Scribble
  • Digital Touch
  • Smiley

Tap the Digital Touch icon and now you will see the canvas screen.

From here you have several options.

1. Make a Drawing.

Start drawing on the canvas with your finger.

If you want to change the color, tap the dot in the upper right corner and then select another color.

When you are done drawing, the screen will change automatically after a pause and you will be able to Add Contact.

2. Send a Tapping Pattern.

Tap the screen once or several times to send a tap pattern.

3. Send a Kiss.

Tap two fingers simultaneously on the watch display to make a kiss. Tap several times to make many kisses.

Stop tapping and wait a moment, then you will be able to Add Contact.

4. Send Your Heartbeat.

Place two fingers on the screen and wait until you see your heartbeat as an animation.

5. Send Your Breaking Heart.

Very similar to sending a heartbeat except when you see the beating heart on the screen, you drag your fingers down and the heart ‘breaks’.

6. Send a Fireball.

Touch the screen, hold your finger there and a flame will appear. Lift your finger, Add Contact and send.


The Digital Touch function may be more fun than useful and many Apple Watch owners probably skip this feature rather quickly after trying it out a few times.

And even if you find it useful, it comes with a few drawbacks. Literally.

If you want to make a drawing, better prepare yourself thoroughly before starting!

When first you’ve started a drawing, the time between lifting your finger until you touch the screen again is being measured.

If the pause exceeds 2 seconds, you won’t be able to draw anymore.

In practice this means that throughout a drawing session there’s only 2 seconds to consider how to continue the drawing or change the color.

This is a major error since there’s a “Done”-button in the screen!

And yes, the “Done”-button is only used to tell the watch when you are done.

That doesn’t make sense at all and if Apple wants to improve on the drawing feature all they have to do is remove the 2-second pause.

It’s remarkable that Apple hasn’t done this a long time ago, but I assume it’s because the drawing feature is not that popular anyway.

Image credit: Apple, Great Wristwatches

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