What Is the Best Watch Face on Apple Watch?

It’s easy to personalize your Apple Watch so that it gives you exactly the information you need. All you do is choose a watch face and customize it.

But what is the best watch face on Apple Watch and how should you configure it?

Of course this is a rather open question as the majority of Apple Watch owners probably have their very own opinion on that matter.

But in this article I will show you which watch faces are my personal favorites, why they are, how they are set up and how I use them.

My Favorite Watch Faces on Apple Watch

Actually I’m switching between 3 customized watch faces for the moment and I make my selection based on partly my mood, partly the situation.

It’s interesting because with my first Apple Watch from Series 1, I didn’t use to switch between watch faces that much.

Probably more or less because watch faces are static and unchangeable on traditional wristwatches and somehow this idea got stuck with me.

But now that I’m the owner of an Apple Watch 5, it’s as if it has finally dawned on me that the ability to change the watch face is just another reason why smartwatches are smart…

1. Infograph – My Primary Daily Watch Face.

This watch face is the most complicated as it allows you to have up to 8 visible complications simultaneously (10 if you count the notification indicator and consider Date and Calendar as standalone features).

I use this watch face on a daily basis because it allows me to quickly access all essential information.

So these are the apps I’m using with Infograph:

Weather: It’s important for me to be able to access a good weather forecast in the morning so I can assess how my 7-year-old boys should be dressed before going to school, so that’s why I’ve placed Weather in the upper left corner.

AutoSleep: This is a third-party app that will track your sleep and provide you with daily reports on the quality of your sleep.

If you wear your Apple Watch to bed, as I do, AutoSleep will be able to analyse your sleep and give you valuable information about when you were in deeper or lighter sleep, your heart rate curve and how much time you were awake / in disrupted sleep.

I placed this complication in the upper right corner.

Alarms: Apple Watch was born with this complication and it is absolutely indispensable to me.

The best thing about this alarm is that it can wake me up in the morning with a gentle vibration and absolutely no sound.

On my watch, this complication is located in the lower left corner.

Pedometer: I have this awesome third-party complication placed in the lower right corner.

Just by looking at my watch I can see how many steps I’ve taken during the day. The colour and length of the progression bar indicates how I’m doing.

It doesn’t replace Apple’s Activate app that can do so much more, but it’s a nice complementary app if you only need to know the number of steps most of the time.

The app is free.

Calendar: Yet another absolutely indispensable app for me.

It is always nice to have the date and weekday permanently on the dial and in this case the function is integrated with the Calendar app.

This means that an upcoming event will be displayed with the event text in a bow at the 12 o’clock position.

Messages: Everybody is texting everybody all the time, so fast access to SMS is almost a must nowadays.

I like to have the Messages complication placed in the 3 o’clock position.

Battery: I like to know when it’s time to recharge my Apple Watch, so I have this complication placed in the 6 o’clock position.

Mailbox: Unlike Messages Mailbox does not have an indicator that shows unread emails……….

But I can easily and quickly check that with a single tap because I have the complication placed directly on the dial, in this case at the 9 o’clock position.

2. Infograph Modular – My Second Daily Watch Face.

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a more simplified watch face and that’s when I use the Infograph Modular.

I don’t use this watch face as often as the Infograph, but I like the fact that the fewer complications gives a better overview due to the extra space.

The complications I have chosen to be present on this watch face are the following:

  • Alarms
  • Calendar
  • Weather Temp
  • Messages
  • Battery

In the picture above you can see where I placed the complications.

Now, there’s actually one more visual complication and that’s the weekday + date in the top right corner.

Unfortunately this part of the face is reserved exclusively for date information, so you won’t be able to replace it by any other type of complication.

“But certainly you want the date displayed, so what’s the problem?”, you may think.

Absolutely, but the date is already there if you have the Calendar complication in the center and that’s the only place you can have the Calendar with the Infograph Modular face.

A bit annoying.

3. Numerals Duo – My ‘Social’ Watch Face.

I like to use this watch face when I’m going out.

When I’m going to a bar with a couple of friends or to a concert, the only information I need during the evening is the time.

On such occasions I want to focus on the situation and not my watch, not my iPhone and not on anything but the company of my good friends.

Besides, I like the design of the Numerals Duo face which tend to move the attention from the watch face to the watch itself.

I’ve set the colour to Light Orange.

Image credit: Apple, Great Wristwatches

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