The Most Unusual Watches in the World

Wristwatches are a serious matter if you want it to be, but sometimes you’re just in the mood of leaning back and enjoying whatever the world of wacky wristwatches has to offer!

That’s what we are going to do today.

5 Unusual Wristwatches

1. Hautlence Playground Pinball.

The first one on the list is made by Hautlence and it’s not even a wristwatch… Explanation follows!

But who is Hautlence?

Well, the word “Hautlence” is an anagram of Neuchâtel, a small city located in Switzerland and an important place of watchmaking.

The company was founded in 2004 and they have from the very beginning been committed to both being original and at the same time true to the art of watchmaking.

What do you think, for example, about the Hautlence Playground Pinball?

Now, this is not really a timepiece as it does not measure time, it is rather a mechanical game for your wrist, but since Hautlence also makes luxurious timepieces, it found its way to the list anyway.

2. Hautlence Playground Labyrinth.

As we continue the journey through the wilderness of wacky wristwatches, we come across yet another Hautlence, this time the Hautlence Playground Labyrinth, another mechanical game designed to wear on your wrist.

There’s 2 versions of the Labyrinth model, Labyrinth 02 with white gold dial and Labyrinth 01 with rose gold dial.

Each of them exists only in a limited edition of 18 pieces, none of them capable of telling time!

3. WeWOOD.

Time to move on to something a little more reminiscent of a real wristwatch.

This is the WeWOOD collection and the model shown above is the WeWOOD Kappanut Model.

WeWOOD watches are made of 100% natural wood, are hypo-allergenic and completely free of toxic chemicals.

Most of the WeWOOD collection can be aquired for less than $100, so if you are looking for an original and unusual wristwatch, this may be a great opportunity.

These watches are more vulnerable to impact with water due to the fact that they are made of wood, but the customer reviews on Amazon are quite positive nevertheless, as you can see here.

4. Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical.

Further down the line of unusual timepieces, we find the Winch Tourbillon Vertical by Cabestan.

The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland and has specialized in developing ultra-luxurious timepieces since 2003, firstly based on its famous vertical oriented movement.

As the name suggests this is a tourbillon watch and this particular model consists of 1,352 parts from nickel and silver and exists in only 135 copies.


Fine, just keep in mind that the basic model will cost you the mere sum of no less than $275,000…!

5. Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down.

They all want to be unique and Ludovic Ballouard certainly has earned his reputation as an original in the best sense of the word.

But hold on, what’s going on here? An upside down dial?!

Well, yes and no.

If you take an extra look, you will see that one of the hour numbers is actually not turned upside down and this is because all hour markers are in fact subdials that will rotate 180 degrees depending on the hour of the day.

Thus, the time is 10:06:19 in the photo.

Remarkably enough the Upside Down was Ludovic’s first timepiece created in December 2009.


I hope you enjoyed this mini collection of unusual wristwatches that I have presented to you today.

If you know of one or more unusual wristwatches that might be interesting to hear about for others, feel free to leave a comment below.

Image credit: Hautlence, WeWOOD, Cabestan, Ludovic Ballouard

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